Hozelock is part of the Hozelock group

Hozelock is part of the Hozelock group

Hozelock is a well-known brand that specializes in gardening and watering products. It was founded in 1959 and is based in the United Kingdom. Hozelock offers a wide range of innovative and reliable watering solutions for both professional gardeners and hobbyists.

One of Hozelock's notable product lines is its hose and watering systems. They produce high-quality hoses that are durable, flexible, and resistant to kinks and twists. Hozelock hoses come in various lengths and diameters to suit different gardening needs. They also offer hose reels and carts for convenient storage and transportation of hoses.

In addition to hoses, Hozelock provides a variety of watering tools and accessories. Their watering systems include sprinklers, spray guns, and watering wands, which allow for efficient and precise watering of plants. Hozelock's watering products are designed to deliver water evenly and in controlled amounts, promoting healthy plant growth.

Hozelock also offers irrigation systems, such as drip irrigation kits and automatic watering systems. These systems are designed to provide water directly to plant roots, conserving water and reducing waste. They can be easily installed and automated, making watering tasks more convenient and efficient.

Furthermore, Hozelock produces pond equipment and filters for maintaining and enhancing garden ponds. Their pond pumps, filters, and water features help create a healthy and attractive aquatic environment.

Over the years, Hozelock has earned a reputation for producing reliable and user-friendly products. They focus on incorporating innovative features and technologies into their designs to make gardening tasks easier and more enjoyable for their customers.

Whether you're a professional gardener or an amateur enthusiast, Hozelock offers a wide range of watering and gardening solutions to meet your needs. Their products are widely available in gardening stores and online, making them accessible to a global customer base.

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Being hands on in the garden can be very rewarding. Whether it is through watering or planting seeds in the flowerbed, our customers enjoy being part of its growth. With 60 years of horticultural expertise. Hozelock understands the rewards of gardening and have developed the range to help gardeners get the most from their involvement.

Every product is crafted to work time after time, so that our customers can care for their gardens in the best possible way.

As a result, Hozelock is one of Britain’s favourite gardening suppliers. We continually invest into keeping our product range up to date, and we have a comprehensive range that covers garden watering, garden spraying, plant protection & pond solutions.

EazyWatering Are a Large Hozelock Supplier

We offer a vast selction of garden watering syatems, however we focus more on the drip and Lawn watering systesm rather than the products that you can easily buy in your local Garden Centre

Downloads and Manuals

Please find below a selection of Downloads for Hozelock Products, these cover the old as well as the new products and are a vast wealth of information.


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