Lawn Pop Up Watering

Lawn Popup's is the area in which we have noticed the large increase of sales and with the help of our planning department and advice you to can easily install a permanent lawn irrigation system and find how satisfying it is to press a automatic controller and water all you lawn. These are very discreet and by following our advice you can be sure of successes.

One of the simplist ways of installing a pop-up lawn system is by installing the Claber Colibri Complete Lawn watering system. This kit comes complete with 5 x Pop-up's, and is ideal for covering an area of 50 square meters. Its easy to install and can easily be extended.

Claber Colibri Lawn watering

Gear Driven Popup


Inside these pop ups is a gear driven mechanism that rotates the nozzle round at an even pace, this takes its operating power from the water pressure. These mechanisms are extremely durable in will give you many years of trouble free use. In the event that something does go wrong, then you can easily replace just the sprinkler mechanism without digging up the complete popup.

All pop ups come with several different nozzles to alter the distance the single jet is reaching as well as the facility to further reduce the throw by means of a radius reduction screw.

Gear Driven Popup

All the pop ups can either be full circle or part circle and are easy to adjust the arc and radius using the various nozzle supplied with each sprinkler.

The ability to alter both the throw and the arc with little effort and makes these ideal for both the Professional Installer and the DIY'er.

Popup Sprinkler Setup

Rotating Multi Stream


The Rotating Multi Stream technology is ideal for watering gardens and landscape area. They have the advantage of being gear drive's, as well as having a low water consumption and even area coverage.

  • Multi trajectory rotating stream provides matched uniformity.
    Automatic matched precipitation ie no matter which nozzle you use or what arc the amount of water over the whole area will be even.
  • All models can be combined in the same zone.
    Low water usage for saving money, better penetration, and reduced run off espically on slopes
  • Easy arc adjustment combined with throw adjustment up to 25%
  • Less affected by wind than single jets with reduced misting at higher pressures
Gear Driven Popup



The water comes out in a pattern all round the nozzle at the same time. They can easily be adjusted for the arc and the throw can also be adjusted by upto 25%.

These are very good for small areas and the advantage for pop ups is the watering is gentle, however the disadvantage is that they have a high water consumption and you may not be able to run as many of these of a domestic water supply as you would the gear driver or Multi Stream. The reason for this is that a 360 degree spray waters the entire area at once, with the gear driven or Multi Stream you water only a fraction of the arc at any one time.

Gear Driven Popup