Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn care

We have all seen water sprinklers in gardens or on sports fields. Hollywood movies seem to be very fond of showing pristine lawns or giant sports stadiums in the process of being slow motion “sprinkled”. Perhaps it’s the fresh, bright and clean image they portray that makes them so popular?

Lawn sprinklers are available in different shapes and sizes, depending on your requirements but all of them are designed to give a good, even watering coverage to the area in question.

A good example of a modern irrigation sprinkler is the Garden Sled Sprinkler. The name may be somewhat dramatic but in sprinkler terms this is all singing and all dancing sprinkler, with adjustable throw and arc, this is perfect for all garden types. Check out the full range at Eazy Watering today to find the perfect sprinkler for your garden.

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